Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday, January 3rd 2013
     Today, my picture comes not from one I personally took, but one that I found on someone else's facebook. Kind of creepy, I know. Anyways, this same concept came up yesterday when playing a card game with friends, when a friend complained that no one called out a person on their lie in the game despite the lie being pretty obvious. I told her "Well you didn't call them out either." So when I saw this today, I immediately thought of that moment, but also connected this to my life in general. It is easy to see problems around me, and it is easy to blame others for not fixing those problems. This life really is about individual people, the impact they can have alone, and the impact that groups of people working together can have. Change really is initiated by a single person, and I need to constantly realize that I can and should act to change and affect my surrounding world. I just love this photo and the thoughts it caused to race through my mind.

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